COVID-19: Our Current Services To You

Are you currently home working when normally you would be office based? Your set up with the display screen equipment that you are working with at home can pose a risk. It is therefore advised that you carry out a basic DSE assessment to minimise this risk (The HSE website has information for you to check your set-up or visit If you are employed, you may be provided with a checklist to complete.

In the event that any initial steps you have put in place still results in discomfort when you are working at your desk we can help. We are offering initial one to one consultations via Zoom or telephone and as Covid restrictions relax we could attend your home and help you directly with the optimum DSE set-up with the equipment you are using.

Also, North Oxford Physiotherapy Clinic is now open and offering clinic appointments. Measures are in place to minimise risk to our clients when attending the clinic. If you would prefer to consult over the telephone/zoom this can also be offered.

You can contact us via our website enquiry form or by telephoning 01869 345354



Sharon has been able to tackle my back and knee pain that other physios had treated for years to no success. In conjunction with the clinic based treatments, Sharon’s help in correcting the set-up of my work display screen equipment and chair has proven invaluable in preventing the reappearance of my previously stubborn back pain. I was astounded by the number of changes required to make my desk suitable for my posture – I had been sat at it for years without any knowledge of the potential problems it was causing! My concentration, comfort and energy levels have improved enormously as a result. Every step of the way I have received a professional and welcoming service and, all in all, it is not exaggerating to say that Oxford Ergonomics has made an enormous difference to my life. I could not recommend Oxford Ergonomics’ services enough!

Oxford Ergonomics set up my work station, giving good advice on how to position myself at the desk and minimize the impact of RSI. They were very professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone needing help.
Henrietta Lawson-Johnston
I have employed Sharon’s services both as a Physiotherapist for myself and as an Ergonomic Consultant for my business (via Oxford Ergonomics Ltd) and have found her to be highly professional, efficient and effective in both fields. I would have no hesitation in recommending her practice in either fields of expertise.
Nigel Atherden
Oxford Ergonomics have helped me on numerous occasions always in a most personable and professional manner. They have aided my speed of recovery several times and often shown a willingness to go the extra mile. I am very happy to thoroughly recommend all their services.
Peter Rigby
Sharon treats her patients with skill and great care. I have a long term leg injury which causes me problems from time to time. My first and only port of call is to Sharon who I have come to rely on for her knowledge and preparedness to work very hard to bring an effective solution to bear, quickly, painlessly and at a sensible price.
John Eustace
When I was recommended Sharon for Physiotherapy treatment not only did she sort out my long standing back pain but she also drew upon her Ergonomic skills to establish what I was doing in my working day which was contributing to the back pain I had been struggling with for so long. Sharon suggested & carried out an Ergonomic workplace assessment. This highlighted a seating & desk issue that needed addressing. She co-ordinated & assisted in the choice of a new office chair that suited me (never sat in such a comfortable office chair) along with a new desk. As a result of this she also assessed other colleagues at the office & came up with the seating solutions they needed. Sharon’s professional experience clinically in conjunction with her Ergonomic skills result in no stones being un turned & these instils confidence & gets the desired results. I recommend Sharon without any doubt.
Dudley Chapman