COVID-19: Our Current Services To You

Are you currently home working when normally you would be office based? Your set up with the display screen equipment that you are working with at home can pose a risk. It is therefore advised that you carry out a basic DSE assessment to minimise this risk (The HSE website has information for you to check your set-up or visit If you are employed, you may be provided with a checklist to complete.

In the event that any initial steps you have put in place still results in discomfort when you are working at your desk we can help. We are offering initial one to one consultations via Zoom or telephone and as Covid restrictions relax we could attend your home and help you directly with the optimum DSE set-up with the equipment you are using.

Also, North Oxford Physiotherapy Clinic is now open and offering clinic appointments. Measures are in place to minimise risk to our clients when attending the clinic. If you would prefer to consult over the telephone/zoom this can also be offered.

You can contact us via our website enquiry form or by telephoning 01869 345354



Whether your are attending the Oxford Ergonomics clinic or we are helping you and your team on site, we provide a full range of physiotherapy treatments, including:

  • Advice on self-management: how to look after yourself to prevent future harm is an important part of your rehabilitation
  • Joint and spinal mobilisation or manipulation
  • Soft tissue massage and fascial release techniques
  • Taping to aid postural awareness
  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound)
  • Personalised exercise programmes and rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture (please contact the clinic to receive our information leaflet)
  • Muscle imbalance corrective exercises
  • Clinical Pilates-based exercise

Early physiotherapy intervention after trauma or at the onset of pain can speed up recovery, making it possible for you to get back to work or to resume your chosen sport.

After consultation, the physiotherapist may suggest that we carry out a work place assessment. This will enable us to offer advice on how to adjust the working environment in order to ensure that the working environment and the demands made upon you as a worker are compatible with your physical needs.

Contact us now on 01869 345354 or email to find out how we can help you.